Make money from YouTube


Many peoples which are poor which cannot afford any investment. But they get a motivations and earn money by different methods. This is the reason that you earn money by different methods you can earn online and also at industries, offices and factories etc.


But today I will tell you about one platform YouTube which gives payment for content but this platform requires the requirements these are the requirements:-

  • 4000 Public Watch Hours.
  • 1000 Real subscribers.
Before you complete the requirements first you have to read all the terms and policies of YouTube you have to make your content original. After completing requirements you will be able to apply for YouTube partner program. YouTube takes a review about your content if it are under the YouTube polices then you will be approved in monetization program. Where you can earn money easily but you have to make original and legit contents only.


there are the some steps to customize your channel and videos. First you have to make a logo for your channel and a back cover page which is for branding your channel. And after this when you upload a video put the tags related to your contents it helps you to boost your videos. And then you have to add a perfect title and description. And after this you have to upload a thumbnail which would be attractive.

These are the some things that helps you to grow the channel. I will be here in another article.