Promote your content or website through advertisement

If you have no traffic or users on your site or YouTube channel you can purchase it by advertisement I have to companies which is best for advertising.

  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads
If your are interested to buy traffic so you can buy traffic from these two mentioned companies. Before you buy traffic you have to learn how to use so read this article you can get information.


Google Ads is easy in use as competition with Facebook Ads. Google cut low charges at quality basis content. You can also promote your apps at Google Ads and also promote your YouTube videos google ads is easy to use.


Facebook ads is easy but you have to learn to post a ad. When you learn you can easily use it but there is different ways to get the traffic from Facebook it will cost high to you but good quality of traffic as also Google ads have also best quality traffic.

So you can use the given companies. I hope you will understand the article.