SEO What is SEO?



what SEO is important the reason is that with SEO you can manage your website and increase your website traffic and boost your traffic easily but one think you have very important only write real and original content not copyright when you upload copyright material your site will be down and you have to face many problems such that loss of traffic and more.


there are some and interesting steps for SEO first you have to design your website with a responsive and attractive theme. Then when you to write a post think a theme in article such that fonts headings and more as you think then get all the the things that you have thinked in all of your articles to make it perfect and attractive. After this you have to design your articles with heading wise images that looks best to your articles. How you can get your site in Google Search you have to tell the Google about your posts through the Google search console where you index your posts then it will rank on Google search.

I hope you will understand these methods and we have more SEO technics we will update you soon on our website