Smart Phone Uses of Smart phone in our daily Life

As we in our world some phones are simple phones and some are with many functions means simple phones have only communication functions and have a radio but now we are advanced our world develops Smart phones which are usable and important for humans because we can communicate with everyone with social media with the help of Smart phones. 


We can use Smart phones for many things such as capture our moments in our Smartphones with our camera of phone. We can talk with our people's with face to face by video calling and many more. We can study online using Smartphones. Some apps are most usable apps on smart phone already installed these are:-

  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram 

And many more apps are installed and you can further install your favorite apps from play store or app store.

There two types of Smart phones these are Android and iOS.

I hope you will have get a knowledge from my article.