Social Media. What is Social Media?

          We all know about social media there all people's connected to each other and communication is very easy social media have some advantages or benefits and some disadvantages. 


      Advantage is we know that communication is easy and we can connect with new peoples and make some new friends but disadvantages is that some people's are very dangerous to us if you are talking with a person which dangerous and want to stole your data which had advantage to get your private data by illegally. And some are the people's which get to you and beg for money for any reason and you give it it says after seven days I will return but after seven days they blocked us. 


In social media there are some platforms are some secured which are:-
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • WhatsApp
At the end you have to secure your social media accounts and don't upload any private data at social media platforms. I hope you will understand these things of social media.