Top 2 best Inventions of the World

As we know that our world is increasing in advance technology which is increasing regularly as well as the best technology will be introduced in the world. As we Know Some technologies which are best and important for the man kind. there are top 5 best technologies in the world.


            Computer is one of the best inventions of the world because computer provides many helps to the peoples to reach another person and to work with company and many more some peoples also work  on computer on online field and some are working at companies which gives them work on the computer.


                  Transportation is easy due to of vehicles. This invention is also the best invention with most benefits we are transporting easily form one place to another place without any problem. As we know that our world get latest model of car some are petrol cars and some are CNG Cars and most of them are have both. We are very proud to our country our world which invents these inventions to help us.