Basic Info About Asset CleanUp Pro Plugin:

Asset cleanup pro is a loading speed booster premium WordPress plugin. It works by doing the best settings and removing fatty components of any web page. Thus, resulting in an increase in the loading speed of that page. To clarify, I want to mention that it is not a cache plugin but works with another caching plugin to improve your site performance. It simply reduces the HTTP requests by removing unused CSS and Javascript. 

For better loading speed, it makes a good partnership with third-party plugins like WP Rocket. It can also be integrated with pre-hosted hosting cache plugins like Kinsta and WPEngine. You can use this plugin while using other performance plugins without any objection or conflict.

The plugin is designed and developed by Gabriel Livan and available in two versions. One is a lite version with limited features. This version is available in WordPress Directory for free download. The second version with all of the features is premium and costs up to $47 for one year in the basic package. It has strong features than the free one and reliable to use for removing extra coding from your site.

You can easily clean up your web pages including archive pages, 404 pages, author, search, date archives, and other pages. Although, as mentioned above, it is not a cache plugin it is powered by the tool to preload your site pages. Actually, it works on pre-loading the most used files from your files directory. Moreover, you can use CDN’s and Shortcodes for many tasks instead of raw codes by using this plugin. 

Overall, the plugin is a handful box of clean coding tools without coding knowledge. Even if you don’t know much about coding, you can play with it.

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Features of Asset Cleanup Pro WP Plugin:

I hope, you enjoyed the basic information about the plugin in easy wording. This section is going to discuss and list some features of the plugin. If you are going to use this plugin for the first time, you may like to go through this list. So let’s dive into the features.

Here is the list of features contained by the plugin:

  • Comment or Remove unused CSS and Javascript coding and files. In simple, it cleans up the entire coding of your site including plugins, themes, and media files. 
  • You can manage and minify the wide-spread code by removing spaces among the tags and variables. 
  • An option for bulk unloads or bulk removal for a large number of unused files with live results on your site front-end.
  • Easy to use and handle the coding of your site, even if you don’t have the coding knowledge. All the things to manage are provided in visual form. Unload options for various sections of coding are available from every corner.
  • Test mode is given to debug and troubleshoot technical and severe faults. You can switch off entire site segments one after the other while helping in troubleshooting the problems. 
  • It is possible to change the location of the scripts across the head and body tags. All of this can be managed from the front-end panel or dashboard of the plugin.
  • Can be integrated and configured by any of the third-party Cache plugins. It works best with all kinds of cache plugins including WPEngine, Kinsta, and WP Rocket.
  • Improve web loading performance and increase the speed of the website. Although it is not a cache plugin, preload feature is available to preload files.  
  • Other features including the defer attribute for render-blocking resources, RSD removal, Rest API of Python removal, and others. 

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Free Download Asset Cleanup Pro v1.1.9.1 Plugin:

Server 1:

Server 2:

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Alternative Plugin: Perfmatters Premium Plugin

Changelog and Release Notes v1.1.9.1

  • Improvements in the minify CSS/JS feature: The minification now works on web pages, files, or inline script.
  • Fix: The plugin’s sidebar menu icon was not showing properly in some WordPress installations.
  • When the current theme is designed for HTML5, the ‘text/javascript’ attribute is removed by Asset CleanUp from altered SCRIPT tags, so W3C validators no longer show an error.
  • Oxygen plugin edit mode: Allow Asset CleanUp Pro to load assets faster when Oxygen editor mode is enabled by setting the define() function for buffering plugin loading and template loading.
  • Fix: It is important that for languages that the Dashboard's menu is shown properly on the right side, the plugin's icon is correctly aligned.
  • Additionally, many small improvements and bug fixes have been implemented.

Asset CleanUp Pro WordPress Plugin

Developer Gabelivan
Trust Ratio 100%
Plugin Type Cleanup extra coding to boost site loading speed.

Asset Cleanup is a WordPress Speed Booster. It simply enhances the speed of the WordPress website by unloading and minifying the slow rendering elements. It is not a cache plugin but provides the preloading of frequently used elements for the fast loading speed of the site.