De-Blocker WordPress Plugin v3.1.1

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Are you experiencing low ads revenue on your blog or website? Ads-Blocker extensions might be the cause of this problem. Why you should not detect the ads-blocker extensions and ask your audience to defer them for your site. Free Download De-Blocker WordPress Plugin v3.1.1 Premium Version It will not only help in displaying the ads but will also improve your revenue. Moreover, we have displayed the other best plugins and themes for better options in your website.

Free Download De-Blocker WordPress Plugin

Basic Info about De-Blocker WordPress Plugin:

De-Blocker is the number #1 plugin in market, which work best over all kinds of the anti-ads extensions. No matter, which ads-blocker extension, a user is using, it will ask to defer such extensions for your site. Similarly, it also provides the best working experience across the cross browsers. No matter a user is using which type of browser including Safari, Chrome, Firefox and UC browser, it will work best in all condition.

The first release of De-Blocker WordPress Plugin was made to cope with the problems affecting site revenue. Since its first launch it is being handled and active on many of the popular sites. Moreover, the sites which really depend on their ads publisher account in addition to selling or affiliate, must go for this amazing plugin.

Just like WP Safelink plugin, it detect all of the possible anti-ads extension. But you have to consider some basic points that it serve best when you are using banners ads instead of redirecting or pop-up ads.

In addition, a very simple environment is provided to work with plugin. The files of plugin are also kept very simple to ensure the best performance of your site regarding loading speed.

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Features of De-Blocker WordPress Plugin:

Here are some of the amazing and main features of the plugin;

  • Detect and ask to defer all of the anti-ads extensions in market. About all of the popular ads-blocker including AdBlock Plus are asked to switch off for your site.
  • Increase revenue while displaying ads to all of your visitors without any technical knowledge.
  • Compatible with all kinds of the browsers including Safari, Chrome and especially with Firefox and UC browser.
  • Easily detect and manage to swritch off the custom bookmark javascript and other code injected manually in browser.

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Free Download De-Blocker WordPress Plugin v3.1.1:

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