GalaxyMag Blogger Template v2.1.0

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Are you Going to build a magazine blog on Blogspot? Or you like magazine templates for your blog? Free Download GalaxyMag Blogger Template v2.1.0. We have provided one of the best-designed blogger templates for 2021. For a detailed explanation, we have provided the basic info along with a features discussion. Moreover, we (ThemesJar) keep on providing the best themes, plugins, templates, and scripts for popular CMS and Blogging Platforms.

Free download galaxymag blogger template
Free Download GalaxyMag Premium Blogger Template

Basic Info of GalaxyMag Blogger Template:

GalaxyMag is a fully customizable, responsive premium blogger template for magazine blogs. It is one of the top fully functional templates for BlogSpot users. If you are going to build a magazine blog on Google Blogger, it will be your first choice.

GalaxyMag is fully responsive to all kinds of devices. It is designed and developed by keeping in mind the resolution settings for these devices. It will perform the best, whether you are going to use a small mobile device or a large retina device.

The theme is designed and distributed by Templatify. The original purchase costs up to 10$ for a premium copy. It’s not much for a wonderful piece of design with good functions for your site.

This theme meet all of the requirements, that a magazine site could have. The header section is well designed with navigation options across the site. Similarly, the body section and the footer section of the template is also well equipped and amazingly designed.

The header is provided with a left-side site logo, a menu with sub-menus and mega-menu options. Moreover, a search icon is given to search across the whole site. Next to the header option, a breaking news bar is given. It displays the trending or hot news at the top of the site.

In the body section, a full-screen hero section is given just after the header. The index page contains the hero section for the latest post of each category separately. A left sidebar is powered to display the popular posts. It also allows displaying Email subscription boxes and other widgets to enhance your site functionality.

Overall, this is one of the best blogger templates of 2021.

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Features of GalaxyMag Blogger Template:

The above section is dedicated to the basic info of the blogger template. However, in this section, we are going to take a brief look at the features of the template.

Here is the list of features in GalaxyMag Premium;

  • Easy to install and customize with front-end customization widgets. You can easily customize each section of this template right from your Blogspot dashboard. There is an option o add the custom CSS directly from the customization panel.
  • Cross browsers support. It supports all of the popular browsers including safari, chrome, and firefox. It loads perfectly on all of the browsers. Moreover, it is supported by all of the search engines including Bing, Google, and Baidu.
  • Galaxymag blogger template is responsive to all kinds of devices with custom thumbnails for each of the posts. It automatically picks your first image as the featured image in your posts.
  • Galaxy Mag is fully SEO-friendly and ads publishers including Google Adsense, Infolinks, and others. You can customize your SEO settings manually. It supports basic schema in your posts. However, you can add the schema for FAQ and Lists manually by yourself.
  • Support extra scripts including the automatic related posts, table of content (TOC), and others. But remember, that more script use may affect your site loading speed.
  • The other amazing features include right sidebar support, multiple menus, mega menus. The search button, the Toggle button for mobile devices, and the Hero section are also supported.
  • The theme is equipped with an amazing footer section. Basically, it has three footers named primary, secondary, and territory. Primary contains the footer credit. Secondary contains the site information widgets. While the third one contains the random widget with three columns.
  • The theme is provided with premium versions. It means that you are getting premium features without any encryption or cracking the theme. Moreover, you can customize your footer credit.

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Free Download GalaxyMag Blogger Template v2.1.0:


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Server 2:

Note: The code of the .rar file is ““.

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