iThemes Security Pro Plugin v6.8.4

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Are your facing security issues and errors in your WordPress website? Free Download iThemes Security Pro v6.8.4 (Updated Version) WordPress plugin. It provides the best options to enhance your WP security experience. From normal fixes to two-factor authentication and version management, you will get all in this one plugin. Similarly, we have provided some other plugins to improve your site performance. Moreover, themes are listed on our site to make your site more awesome and beautiful.

Free Download iThemes Security Pro WordPress Plugin

Basic Info About iThemes Security Pro v6.8.4:

iThemes Security Pro is one of the amazing security plugins for WordPress websites. It allows you to fix common security problems and provide extra protection to your site. In simple, it adds an extra layer of protection to your site and enhances the security of your site. Moreover, this layer saves your site from hackers and has the ability to recoil the DOS attacks.

There are two versions of the plugin. One version is free. It provides basic security options. You can add some minimal security levels to your site via this free version of iTheme Security. However, if you want some of the premium features i.e. two-factor authentication, and others. You have to go with a Pro version.

iThemes Security Pro is full of features like two-factor, version management, and limit attempts. The working environment is easy to use for both the expert and new users. Easy integration options are given. Automated malware protection gets activated once, you have set up the plugin. This scans your entire site from malware and worms. Moreover, it sends a notification via mail, if any disturbance is found. Moreover, it tries to remove all of the harmful viruses if you have provided them with permission.

This plugin comes with more than 35 security modules and functions to keep your data and site safe. It avoids your site hitting errors and makes it work smoothly.

A database backup option is also available to keep your website safe if a crash occurs. You can take a database backup manually by yourself. Similarly, an auto-backup option is also available.

The plugin is provided with a version management module. It automatically updates themes, plugins, and versions of your WordPress to the latest. It means your site is always updated when you are using this plugin. Overall, this is a very useful plugin.

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Features of iThemes Security Pro Plugin:

We have taken a look over the basic information about the plugin. Here are some of the features, that make this plugin stand out from the WordPress catalog and make it awesome.

A list of features of this plugin is given below:

  • It adds an extra level of protection to your site by removing WordPress Security faults and breaches. The security layer works well against DDOS attacks and other virus attacks.
  • Has the ability to recoil your site data against Brute Force Attack and protect it from being hacked.
  • A database backup module is added to take a backup of the website. It could be helpful if you lose your data or website. An auto-backup option is available, while you can take a manual backup.
  • Limit your site login attempts and reduce the spam or attack on your login gateway. You can change your login URL to a custom one. It detects and bans a specific IP if it is attacking again and again.
  • Automatically detect your password strength and force you to set a strong password.
  • Fix WordPress security error and scan malware, if any are added to your database. An auto malware scanner work 24/7 to scan files and data from viruses and worms.
  • Version management modules keep your site updated. It automatically updates the WordPress, PHP, Themes, and Plugins versions to their latest.
  • You can easily block some specific IPs and user agents. Two-factor authentication is added to enhance your site security.
  • Other useful features include a security dashboard, notification via email for any error, and others.

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Free Download iThemes Security Pro v6.8.4:

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Note: Never update any of the plugin, theme, or template from your dashboard or Wp directory. Get an updated version from here and then update it manually.

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Change-Log: iThemes Security Pro Plugin v6.8.4:

  • Tweak: The Strong Password library should consider randomly generated passwords as strong.
  • If a password needs to be changed, recommend a 32-character password.
  • Update of an email address on the user edit page outside the user edit area no longer results in a PHP warning.
  • Using WP Engine’s front-end login page no longer displays login interstitials.
  • The PHP warning about opaque tokens has been fixed.
  • iThemes Sync correctly connects sites via the login flow after PHP warnings are resolved.
  • Dash Widget has been removed from the Dashboard.
  • PHP warning when evaluating password requirements has been fixed.
  • In addition, some minor changes and bugs have been fixed.

Final Thoughts:

As a conclusion to this article, I would like to point out that I have provided the most accurate info about iThemes Security Pro Plugin. Moreover, I have reviewed all the features that you might find helpful. We encourage you to ask us a question in the comments section about any confusing terms used here. Your response would be greatly appreciated.

Any problems regarding the installation or broken links can be addressed using the comment section. You can connect with our family on Twitter, Telegram, and Facebook to stay on top of our latest themes and plugins.

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