Perfmatters WP Performance Plugin v1.7.4

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Are you worry about your WordPress website performance? Free Download Perfmatters WordPress Plugin v1.7.4 (Latest Version). It is the most trusted plugin to use with any cache plugin to improve your site. We have provided the download link in the below section. Along with the link, we have described the plugin info and features in this article. Moreover, you can find all of the popular plugins, themes, and templates on our site.

Free Download Perfmatters WordPress Plugin

Basic Info About Perfmatters WordPress Plugin:

Perfmatters WordPress Plugin is a speed boost plugin of WordPress to improve the performance of the website. The plugin is developed to reduce web page size and the number of HTTP requests. It simply improves your performance by allowing you to disable unused features and coding of your site. You can easily disable unneeded features like emojis, XML-RPC, RSD Link, Shortlinks, and lots of other things.

You may be thinking, it is just like some other cache plugin i.e. WP Rocket. But fortunately, it is not a cache plugin. Moreover, it doesn’t disturb any of the cache plugins, if you are using someone. It means you can go with both types of plugins i.e. Perfmattaers and any Cache Plugin. The file size of plugins is calculated in KB’s. It has only a size of 150KB to 200KB. It means that this plugin is not going to add any heavy coding to your site.

It is equipped with a tool named Script Manager. It allows disabling unused codes of various languages including CSS, HTML, and Java. You can easily remove or disable the iframes to improve your loading speed

It also allows using a specific script on a specific page. It means that it stops the unused script rendering on each page of the website. For example, most of us use form plugins i.e. Contact Form 7 which load with each page of your site. You can set this script to load only on the contact page. It also reduces the plugins and heavy themes impact on your site.

You can use this amazing plugin on any kind of website including Magazine, News, E-commerce, and LMS. Overall, it works best to optimize your site loading speed.

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Features of Perfmatters WordPress Plugin:

I hope you are clear, what is Perfmatters WordPress Plugin and what is its use? I mean now you are clear with the basic info about the plugin. Now take a look at the list, which amazing features are you going to get by using this plugin.

Here is the list of features set in this plugin:

  • Developed with modern coding language with no rendering issues. Very lightweight plugin with clean coding. Designed to disable unused elements from your sites such as Emoji, Embeds, Query settings for Static Sources, and many others.
  • You can auto-disable XML –RPC and hide your WordPress version by using Perfmatters Free Download WordPress Plugin. Compatible with all the latest versions of PHP and WP.
  • A self-pingback is generally created just after each update and publishing. You can disable these self-pingbacks to increase your site performance.
  • You can remove Jquery Migrate, RSD, Shortlinks, RSS Feeds, and other problems facing while testing your page in Google Speed Test Bot.
  • It allows disabling unused dash icons, Google Maps, Google Fonts, Extra icon libraries, and Heartbeat API.
  • Images are often shown with their own URL while loaded on your Server. It removes the self URL of images and comments. It also has the option to lazy load images.
  • Sometimes, fake attempts are made to hack your login details. A brute force attack can easily find your login password to access your site. You can enhance your security by changing the login URL for your site by Perfmatters WordPress Plugin.
  • It also helps you to add code in your header and footer section. It means that you have no need to add any other plugin to add an extra plugin for this purpose.
  • The plugin is fully compatible with other plugins including Woo-Commerce, SEO Plugins, and Analytics Plugins.
  • There are many other features such as script controller, DNS prefetch, CDN rewrite, and limit post revisions.

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Sale’s Page:

Free Download Permatters v1.7.4 WordPress Plugin:

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Server 2:

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Change-Log: Perfmatters v1.7.4

  • Google Fonts have been re-enabled locally.
  • Restructuring of functions related to buffers and those reliant on the main buffer filter.
  • Updates to the translation.
  • In the MU plugin file, a modified function has been added to retrieve the post ID from various types of URLs more efficiently.
  • Improvements have been made to the detection and updating process for MU plugins.
  • The MU Mode toggle now has additional tooltip warning text.
  • The URL parameter mu_mode=off forces the MU Mode settings to be disabled when the page is loaded.
  • The non-activated base Perfmatters WordPress plugin will no longer trigger MU Mode settings.
  • A new tool for importing and exporting plugin settings is included in Extras * Tools.
  • To protect the Script Manager settings from conflict, we updated the names of input fields in the Script Manager.
  • Additionally, some minor bugs were fixed.


We tried our best to share the info and features of the Free Download Perfmatter WordPress Plugin v1..7.4. I hope you like this article.

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