Restrict Content Pro v3.5.8

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Are you wondering about a paid membership site plugin for WordPress? Free Download Restrict Content Pro version 3.5.8 With 21 Addons. This plugin is designed to create paid membership sites easily without any coding knowledge. We have provided the download link in the below section. However, you can download the plugin by purchasing it from the officials. Moreover, you can find all kinds of premium plugins, themes, and templates on our site.

Free Download Restrict Content Pro WordPress Plugin

Basic Info About Restrict Content Pro Wp Plugin:

Free Download Restrict Content Pro: is a powerful plugin to create premium content websites. You can set your content to restricted content simply in a few steps by using this plugin. The basic purpose of this plugin is to create a full functional paid membership website. You can create and set unlimited premium subscriptions, and memberships by using Restrict Content Pro. There are two versions of the plugin. One version is free with a limited amount of features.

The free version allows basic membership management features. You can set your content to restricted content. Allow some specific users to see the content and so on.

While on the other hand, the paid version is full of premium features. It allows you not only to hide and restrict your content. But it also helps to set the paid membership and payment gateways. You can easily integrate the famous payment gateway and accounts. The supported integrations for payment include Paypal, Stripe, 2Checkout,, Payoneer, and others.

The easy admin panel and user dashboard of this plugin make the admin and users get used to the site environment. All payments can be done and verified in a simple one click. Moreover, you can set discounts and flat rates for your regular customers on various membership prices.

A list of active, pending, expired, and free users of your site can be seen on the dashboard. You can easily manage all of this list from your dashboard.

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Features of Restrict Content Pro Version:

We have provided a detailed basic information section for this plugin. However, a features section is listed below to look at the awesome features of the plugin. Move ahead to take a look at the features.

Here is the list of features of this awesome plugin:

  • The plugin is coded very cleanly. The lightweight modern languages code from the latest versions of the languages is being used while coding this plugin. It is compatible with PHP version 7 and above. The languages used in this plugin include PHP, Javascript, and structured HTML5.
  • Custom dashboard option for each of the users and the admin separately. It becomes easy to manage the profiles of each user by self.
  • A trial membership plan is available to give a trial to your new users. You can set different timing, days, and hours for each trial subscription.
  • You can set different membership plans and levels. From a basic package to a pro and agency package, you can set all of these easily.
  • Reminders and emails can be set easily to send to your users. You can send reminders for payments and subscription tips mail to your customers. Alerts can be displayed in the same way. 
  • Built-in payment gateway integration for all of the famous transactions accounts. You can set Paypal, Stripe, 2Checkout, and others easily. Easy to maintain the membership for your regular customers by auto subscription option. You can set the auto option to activate a member, once he paid for the membership.
  • Flat prices and discounts in percentages can be set by using this plugin. These settings can be enabled for a specific user as well as a group of users.
  • There are more than 20 addons to enhance your membership site functionalities. Similarly, there are many other features are available including timeout and timelock, Woocommerce integration, and others.

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Sale’s Page:

Free Download Restricted Content Pro v3.5.8:

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What’s News? Restrict Content Pro v3.5.8:

  • Fixed: Even though customers can renew their Fixed Memberships, they are still shown as trialing.
  • RCP’s Braintree gateway was not working properly when it was used along with other plugins using the same Braintree library.
  • Fixed: Users who are granted the administrator role by their membership level no longer be removed from this role.
  • Composer.json now has a version number.
  • The subscription.php template has been modified.
  • Fixed: Email message and subject filters were added to admin Payment Received emails.
  • In the memberships table, user_id is added as a column.
  • RCP_Emails class now has a public method get_payment_id().
  • Updated: On the memberships admin table, the “Cancel” link has JavaScript confirmation.
  • Updated: After a failed payment is retried, Stripe automatically updates the billing card.
  • The plugin has also been improved and fixed in many other ways.

Final Thoughts:

As described, Restrict Content Pro Free Download includes a number of features that should be enough to explain how it works. In addition, links have been provided that work. In case any term seems confusing to you or if you are having difficulties, you can contact us. Feel free to comment down if you see any broken links.

All plugins in their pro versions are provided free of charge on our site. Additionally, ThemesJar provides a variety of themes, templates, plugins, and scripts. Stay up-to-date by following us on Facebook, Telegram, and other social media platforms.

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