Slider Revolution Complete Package v6.5.2

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Are you looking for some powerful plugins to create and design sliders in your WP website? Free Download Slider Revolution Pro Complete Package v6.5.2. We have provided a full pack containing the plugin, templates, and add-ons. The download links are given in the below section. Similarly, we (Themesjar) keep on providing with best plugins, themes, and templates in their latest version. You can find all of the premium themes, plugins, and templates on our site.

Free Download Slider Revolution Pro WordPress Plugin

Basic Info About Slider Revolution Pro (Full Package):

Slider Revolution Pro is one of the most powerful and famous slider plugins of WordPress. It allows creating sliders, carousels and social feeds, and hero header with customized settings. It is a premium plugin with a number of sales in the Envato market. The plugin itself comes in the form of a pack, in which many of the add-ons and templates are added to enhance its functionality. 

Not only with the use of the template, but you can create a custom slider, social media feeds, carousel, testimonial sections, and other slides without any coding knowledge. Yes, this is a very strong point. You don’t need any coding knowledge for creating any kind of slider, or a hero section. An on-page drag and drop builder is given to visually create the web page. There are many useful tools and modules are added in this editor for the easiness. From a noob to a pro user, one can easily go with this editor as well as the plugin.

The sliders, webpage sections created via this plugin are fully responsive and auto breakpoints are added to them. There is a number of pre-made templates if you don’t want to build on your own. You just need to import in a simple click and you will get all of the assets for all kinds of media files like images, icons, and others. 

Commonly, the performance of the plugin is outstanding. It doesn’t pay much load to your site and cause no rendering issues. More than 25 add-ons are also available to extend the functionality of the plugin. Multiple transition effects for slides and carousel icons are available to use in yours.

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Features of Slider Revolution (Complete Package)

The above section disclosed basic info about the plugin. But, here in this section, we are going to discuss some of the features, added to this plugin.

A list of features of the Slider Revolutions Plugin is given below:

  • Easy to use by all of the users. Even newcomers can use this plugin with easiness. A separate dashboard with separate placement in the WP dashboard is given.
  • All of the slides, sliders, carousels, hero sections created via this plugin are responsive. Auto breakpoints are added for various kinds of devices. 
  • A visual page editor for editing and managing your sliders. It provides powerful support to those, who don’t know much about coding. For easiness, more than 200 ready-made templates are also given.
  • Up to 27 add-ons support to enhance the functionality of the plugin. These add-ons come with the slider revolution plugin pack. 
  • Cross-browsers compatibility and faster loading speed. Coding and designing are kept simple with modern languages that avoid rendering issues. However, you can still go with Perfmatters or Asset CleanUP Pro.
  • A power element library is supported by the slider revolution pro. There are about 2500+ elements are added in this library including font, icons, images, and other media files.
  • About 100 different types of transition options and effects are enabled in the plugin. There are pre-built animation presets, while in-depth animation options are also held.
  • There are many of the other features, that include, typewriter effect, before & after slide, parallax background, and others.

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Free Download Slider Revolution Complete Package v6.5.2:

Server 1:

Server 2:

Slider Revolution Addons (Updated Versions)

Server 1:

Server 2:

Note: The addons are provided in the zip folder. Upload them one after the other manually. 

Here is the list of add-ons added to this pack:

  • ScrollVideo
  • Particles
  • Distortion/Liquid Flow
  • Typewriter Effect

Slider Revolution Pro Templates:

Server 1:

Templates Installation Guide:

Follow the steps for successful installation of the templates:

  • Open up your slider revolution plugin in your WP Dashboard.
  • Then, download the Zip file of the required template.
  • Do manual import of the template.
  • Hooray! You are done.

ChangeLog – Slider Revolution Pro v6.5.2:

  • Fixed: There was an issue in some cases where tag links in carousels could not be clicked.
  • Fixed: JavaScript error if progress bar stopped after creating it and prior to a mouse event. Rarely, this issue occurs.
  • The issue with mobile background images has been resolved.
  • PaintBrush 2.1.8: Improved rendering for Firefox.
  • When you remove particle effects in version 2.2.3, they now slowly disappear for 5 seconds instead of removing them instantly.
  • Fixed a problem where toggled layers would become visible and could cover hoverable areas.
  • Bug Fix: There was a problem with media dimensions being calculated for rows, columns, and groups on the first rendering. Changes to the container’s dimensions will cause children to reflow to show the proper layer size for all layers.
  • Slider progress was halted when a slide was removed in Slider Revolution Pro. It has now been resolved.
  • There have been a few other small changes and bugs fixed.

Final Thoughts:

Let me conclude the whole article by saying that you get the most about this plugin. I have tried to provide the basic information, files, and change-log of the Slider Revolution Pro Package. However, if you are still confused, or have some query in your mind, comment below.

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