WordFence Premium Security Plugin v7.5.4

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Are you looking for some amazing WordPress Security Plugin? Free Download WordFence Security Plugin v7.5.4 Premium [Activated]. We have provided the download link in the below section. Now it is to protect and enhance the security of your WordPress website. This plugin various functionalities and checkpoints in your site login. Moreover, you can perform all kinds of security tasks via this plugin. Similarly, we (ThemesJar) keep on providing the plugins and themes in the premium version with frequent updates.

Free Download WordFence Premium Security Plugin

Basic Info about WordFence Security Plugin:

Free Download WordFence Security Plugin is one of the famous and most used security plugins available in the WordPress directory. It is being used by millions of WordPress webmasters. It allows you to create and add extra layers of security to your site. The plugin is designed and developed by Defiant Incorporation. There are two versions of the plugin are available in the market. The one is a free version suitable for most new and low-end users. It can be downloaded and installed right from the WP dashboard. However, the free version has some limitations in features and premium tools. 

In order to unlock premium features, you need to activate and install a premium version. The premium version of the WordFence Security Plugin provides advanced security features to protect your website. It not only provides protection from basic hackers, but it also provides enough strength to avoid modern Brute Force attacks. After a basic setup, which is so easy, you don’t need to worry about your site security. 

The working area or dashboard of the plugin is highly users friendly and rich in features. Whether you are not so techy, you can manage it easily. A set of default settings is available to set the best security practice. The high-end firewall is provided by the plugin. You can manage to block traffic from some specific IPs and countries. 

A very unique option to change the default login URL is given if you free download the Wordfence security plugin. You can set a custom URL for your login to your WordPress site. It reduces the attempts of unknown attacks for login. Moreover, you can set a two-step verification for login on to your website.

Overall, the plugin is well-performing by checking every file of your website data from malware, worms, invalid URLs, and other vulnerabilities. 

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Features of WordFence Security Plugin:

The above section is provided to disclose some basic information about the plugin. However, in this section, we have provided some of the features of the plugin. You may like to go through this features list, before using this plugin.

Here is the list of awesome features of WordFence:

  • A very well-performing security plugin, with easy-to-use features and client area. It provides a best-developed/designed user interface. It is easy to navigate across the plugin dashboard via iconic tabs.
  • Endpoint powerful firewall to block URLs, IPs, and users causing spam on your site. WordFence Security Plugin is provided with an advanced malware scanner. It scans themes, plugins, and each media file from harmful malware. 
  • Ability to repair modified files by unknown users or viruses. It automatically checks the files modified and fix issues related to them.  
  • Regular content safety checkups for your site safety. You can enhance your site safety by using this plugin along with some backup plugins like Updraft Premium or iThemes BackupBuddy.
  • The plugin provides login security with various options. You can change the login URL on your website. Two-step verification can be set. Or you can limit the failed login attempts. 
  • It forces you to set a strong password by using a mixup of letters, numbers, and special characters. In this way, it automatically protects you from modern brute force attacks. 
  • A captcha can be set to your login. A basic captcha or reCaptcha makes sure that a human being is trying to log in instead of a bot or program. 
  • It regularly monitors hack attempts and manages the live traffic on your site. Various manual settings are available regarding the firewall on your site. 
  • A strong and awesome malware scanner is given to scan and remove unauthorized files editing and changes. It automatically scans and finds the injected files, thus removing them to ensure better security settings. 

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Free Download WordFence Security Plugin v7.5.4:

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Change-log: WordFence v7.5.4:

  • The conflict between woocommerce-gateway-amazon-payments-advanced and woo commerce-payments-advanced plugin resolved
  • Fixed: an issue when attempting activation under certain conditions that resulted in fatal errors.
  • The database for bundled GeoIPs has been updated.
  • When limiting the rate of your messaging, you will receive better messages.
  • The email containing the scan result includes a count of issues that were found again.
  • When reoccurring scan issues are resolved, they are emailed again.
  • Live Traffic now displays the name of a state or province when it is applicable.
  • We’ve designed a new blocking page to more clearly explain how to de-block blocked visitors.
  • This also includes a corresponding period of backoff in case TLS connection failure is detected.
  • Additionally, we’ve made many minor improvements and fixes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is WordFence Security Free?

Basically, there are two versions of WordFence are available for WP users. The one is Free with some awesome features, while the Pro version is enriched with premium features.

What is Security Plugin?

A security plugin protects your site from being hacked. It forces you to set strong passwords, two-step authentication, and custom login URL.

How do I update WordFence?

There may be two conditions for a user using the Plugin. One, who has purchased a premium copy by self. An auto-pilot mod is available for auto-updates. The second, who is using from a third-party website, should update it manually.

Final Thoughts:

It is hoped that you find the security plugin to be very useful. In addition, we discussed the basic information and features of Free Download WordFence Security in detail. It uses the best settings to improve your site’s performance. This is the most widely used cache plugin.

Themes, plugins, and templates that we offer are also the best. Our site has all the features you might need, regardless of whether you use a CMS or a Blogging Platform.

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