WP Rocket Premium Cache Plugin v3.9.0.3

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When you are using WordPress on a Managed Hosting, Shared Hosting, or Dedicated Hosting, you have to cache your site data. Free Download WP Rocket Premium v3.9.0.3 Infinite Cache Plugin. It will help you to cache your site data and boost your site speed. Not only the caching, but it will help you in the lazy loading of unused Javascript and minify your site CSS. If you are the one, who is worry about site loading speed. Go for this plugin. Similarly, we keep on providing the info and reviews along with test premium download files.

Free Download WP Rocket Premium Cache Plugin

Basic Info About Wp Rocket Premium Cache Plugin:

The best practice to boost your WordPress speed is to minify your CSS and extra Javascript. But sometimes, it becomes difficult to boost your WordPress website for a non-technical person. Free Download Wp Rocket Premium Cache Plugin is one of the best plugins to speed up your website. Like many of the other popular cache plugins like W3 Total Cache and WP Super Cache, Wp rocket has its own popularity.

Free Download WP Rocket has many of the best features along with auto-setup the best settings to boost your site loading speed. Its feature provides an extra quality of caching.

Amazing features of plugins include lots of customization options, lazy-loading of media, and media optimization. You can optimize your database, pre-loading, and much more. This plugin integrates well with all of the popular plugins like Yoast SEO, Cloudflare, Sucuri, and many others.

As I said in an early paragraph, WP Rocket is made for non-technical, who are new in blogging or new webmasters. Even, if you are not a webmaster, you can do caching of your site easily. You can easily configure the plugin in a few minutes.

The easy configuration is set by default. It automatically minifies the CSS and HTML5 along with unused Javascript and others. Moreover, the caching and minifying done by this plugin doesn’t disturb the structure and design of your website.

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Features of WP Rocket (Premium Caching Plugin)

Not only the caching, here we are going to discuss the amazing features of plugins. The list describes more than one feature that helps this plugin to stand from others.

A list of features of Wp Rocket Caching plugins:

  • The plugin is friendly to newbies and non-technical. There is an easy configuration with auto settings. If you don’t know much about caching, default (Default Settings) settings are best.
  • Work on all kinds of Websites enables caching in multi-users browsers. From a general blog to an online store carrying multiple products, it is best for all sites.
  • Minify CSS, HTML, Javascript, and other unused codings. Maintain the shape of the theme of your site, while minifying its coding.
  • Customization support to multiple kinds of files. You can compress images, video files, iframes, and other components of your site and data. You can set Gzip compression to your site.
  • Fully compatible with CDN’s including Cloudflare. Moreover, it allows you to prefetch DNS requests.
  • Database customization reduces the size. It provides Preload Caching and Browser caching.
  • Improve the speed of the website by improving the overall structure and optimization of the content. You can easily get a 90+ GTMetrix and Google Page Speed Test.

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Sale’s Page:


Free Download WP Rocket v3.9.0.3 Premium Cache Plugin:

Server 1:


Server 2:


Note: Never update the plugin from your WP Dashboard. Remove any other cache plugin (if any) before installing this one.

Changelog – What’s New in WP Rocket Premium v3.9.0.3:

  • Updated: New GZIP rules for avoiding layout problems.
  • WP Engine notices related to advanced-cache.php will no longer appear.
  • Avoid a fatal error that sometimes occurs during the upgrade process when the license-data.php file is removed.
  • Fix a JavaScript error that occurs when removing the CPCSS from a page without the element being on the page.
  • Adding a button to edit screen that automatically creates the critical path CSS for each post, page & any custom post type.
  • Add a preload request for your local fonts with the new option “preload for fonts”.
  • The CSS and JS minified files are now pre-compressed gzipped versions that can be served directly to the browser, rather than using dynamic compression.
  • After the page has fully loaded, remove the critical path CSS to prevent display issues.
  • This script has been updated to the most current version available.
  • Additionally, some minor improvements have been made.


I hope, you find this caching plugin very useful. Moreover, we tried to discuss the basic info and features about Free Download WP Rocket in detail. This is the widely used best plugin for caching and applies the best setting to make your website work smoothly.

Moreover, we keep on providing the best themes, plugins, and templates. Whether you belong to any CMS or Blogging Platform, you can find your requirements on our site.

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