WP Smush Pro v3.8.6 [Image Optimizer]

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Looking for a plugin to reduce the size of the images on your site? Free Download WP Smush Pro v3.8.6 (Activated Latest Version). It will help you to reduce the size of the images by lossless compression. Moreover, this plugin is equipped with bulk image compression. The pro version also provides the facility to serve your images via Global CDN. We have provided the plugin files to free download under GPL. You can now download and use it for free. Moreover, we (Themesjar) keep on providing the best plugins, themes, and templates for free.

Free Download WP Smush Pro Image Optimizer

Basic Info About WP Smush Pro Plugin:

WP Smush Pro is a WordPress Image Optimizer/Compressor plugin. It is one of the best performing and easy-to-use bulk image optimization plugin for your WordPress website. It is designed to compress your images and reduce the loading time of your site. Smush Pro is the premium version of the Plugin. But this amazing plugin has two versions. A free version of the plugin is available in the WP directory. But this free version has some limitations and does not provide CDN access.

Free Download WP Smush Pro is developed and designed and developed by WPMU DEV. There are many of the other popular plugins by the same developer i.e. Smart Crawl, Defender, Hummingbird.

It is a very helpful plugin that helps you to save time and reduce your manual word. Just after installation, you can set a bulk smush to your images. It will reduce the size of your images by smushing/compressing without loss in visual quality.

It supports lossless and lossy image compression and removes unnecessary data from the images. It means that you get small-sized images without reducing the visual quality and dimensions.

Another amazing feature of the Pro version is that it provides 45+ point image CDN across the globe. It means that you can easily serve the images on your site by the global CDN of Free Download WP Smush Pro. This feature can be activated by just a swipe button. You can also convert and serve your images in next-generation format Webp. It will reduce your image size up to 200%. It means that you are getting an image of the size 20-25 KB with the same visual quality. Overall, it is the best plugin for the optimization of images.

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Features of WP Smush Pro Plugin (Image Compressor)

A basic introduction and info about the plugin are given in the above section. I hope you get the information, what is this plugin? And what is its purpose? However, this section is designed to discuss the core features of the plugin.

Here is the list of core features of the plugin.

  • As it is an image optimizer, it has the ability to compress and resize the images of the size 32MB to a few KB. If you have images, whose size is greater and taking long in loading on your site. Download WP Smush Pro and You can reduce the size and compress them into a few KBs.
  • The plugin is equipped with tools that provide the bulk smush option. This tool compresses the entire directory of the images in a single click. An automatic image compress can be set to reduce the size of newly uploaded images.
  • Another very amazing feature of the plugin is that it provides 45+ global CDN. You can serve a huge amount of image data via these CDNs. You are allocated about 10GB of the space in these CDN’s. While serving images from the CDN doesn’t mean that you lose them from your server.
  • Smush Pro performs lossy and lossless compression. It removes the unnecessary info and data from the image and reduces its size without compromising image quality.
  • The image converter tool is also provided in the plugin to convert your images from PNG to JPEG. You can convert your images to next-generation web format WEBP. You can also remove the metadata and tags of an image.
  • Download WP Smush Pro and it will provide lazy loading to the images with fantastic transitions and animation. It means that you are serving your images in a lazy load but in a decent way.
  • Other amazing features of the plugin include HTTPS compatibility, Gutenberg support, and single directory smush.

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Free Download WP Smush Pro Plugin v3.8.6:

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Change-Log: WP Smush Pro Plugin v3.8.6

  • A CDN option that was causing image resizing issues was fixed.
  • Integration with CDN and lazy loading added to Soliloquy slider.
  • Added option to enable native lazy loading by default.
  • CDN page parsing and lazy loading have been improved.
  • Enhanced: Highlighting of the resizing of images.
  • Relative paths for fixed images aren’t being processed by CDN.
  • The W3C validation no longer shows errors on pages with lazy loading.
  • A fix was also made to NextGen Re-Smush’s UI.
  • Fixed an issue where the largest dimension was not respected when resizing images.
  • Smush images in the Directory
  • Performance of background image processing on the CDN
  • Smush onboarding dialogue was broken in WooCommerce
  • Several minor bugs were fixed and some improvements were made.


I hope, you find this smushing plugin very useful. Moreover, we tried to discuss the basic info and features in detail about the free download WP Smush pro plugin. This is the widely used best plugin for compressing and reduce the size of images to make your website work smoothly.

Moreover, we keep on providing the best themes, plugins, and templates. Whether you belong to any CMS or Blogging Platform, you can find your requirements on our site.

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